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Redirecting Children’s Behavior Course

Course Summary 
Are you tired of yelling, nagging, bribing and threatening your child? Do you want more cooperation, fun, and effective communication going on in your household?  Our school has several certified instructors of the transformational parent course Redirecting Children’s Behavior which was developed by Kathryn Kvols, the founder of the International Network for Children and Families and author of Redirecting Children’s Behavior.  Become a more calm, confident parent!

Our course not only stops misbehavior, but in addition we will teach you how to give your children essential life skills that your child will use as an adult.

Learn To:

    • Eliminate power struggles over bedtime, eating, cleaning their room, etc.
    • Teach your children how to love doing chores.
    • Create family teamwork.
    • How to be an approachable parent.
    • Empower your child.
    • Minimize sibling bickering and/or fighting.
    • Become less reactive and being more proactive – minimizing nagging, yelling, bribing, and threats.
    • Set clear limits and stick to them.
    • Teach children how to listen.
    • Minimize household stress.
    • Teach children self control.
    • How to maintain closeness rather than distance through discipline.
    • Create lines of open, honest, and trusting communication.
  • Get you and your partner on the same parenting page.

Cost: $150 per person, $250 per couple.  Includes free child care at our school during the course to encourage both parents/guardians to attend, a Redirecting Children’s Behavior book by Kathryn Kvols per couple, and a spiral bound course workbook per person.  

Format: Five classes three hours in length.  Fun, highly interactive, role playing, small group discussions.  


Options for Kindergarten and First Grade – January 2019, presented by Head of School James Farwell

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The Kindergarten Program

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Parent Development Workshop: Handwriting in Montessori – February 2017, presented by Assistant Head of School Rachel Roberts

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