Montessori Curriculum

We follow the Montessori Foundation‘s scope and sequence.  While the full version of the documents are licensed, an overview for each age group is available here (click each age group):

Alignment with Learning & Developmental Standards

 The Montessori curriculum meets, and often exceeds, the requirements set forth in our state (Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for 0-5 year old children) and federal (Common Core for K-12) learning and development standards.  The American Montessori Society has provided a mapping (see below) of the Montessori curriculum to Florida standards for 0-5 year old children.  The Montessori Foundation, in collaboration with Montessori Compass, has provided a mapping of the Montessori curriculum for K-6th grade. 

Monthly Theme Guide

As an extension to the Montessori materials that our students have available throughout the school year, all age group environments follow monthly themes.  Here is some detail on what we are learning about right now. 

Montessori math beads

Montessori Materials

Our classroom environments are equipped with the materials outlined in the American Montessori Society’s suggested materials list.  Certain materials are rotated in at various times during the year and classrooms materials are inventoried annually for compliance. 

Montessori Records Express record keeping software logo

Record Keeping


Our school uses Montessori Records Xpress (MRX) for record keeping.  Children are tracked as they progress through the scope and sequence and lessons are presented based on each child’s unique rate of progress in each area.