Infant (0-18 Months)

Montessori infants

At a Glance

  •  Age: 0–18 Months
  • Maximum Student to Teacher Ratio: 3:1 (lower than the 4:1 ratio required by the Florida Department of Children Families for infants)
  • Maximum Class Size: 6 students with 2 teachers
  • Our infant program is year round – there is no discounted tuition during summer and extended care during holiday breaks is included in the tuition price.

Montessori infant on climber


  • Learn through Observation: 5 floor-to-ceiling windows between the infant environment and toddler environment allow our infants to observe the older children.  Our infants benefit from observing and imitating their older friends without having the additional noise and higher activity level of the toddlers.  This toddler environment next door is where our infants will transition to as they grow older.
  • Cozy and yet Spacious: 57 Square feet per child at capacity of 6 infants (significantly above the Florida Department of Children Families’ required 35 square feet/ per child).
  • Bright: Lot’s of natural light with a large floor to ceiling window facing outdoors!
  • Safe: 1/2 Inch thick foam floors reduce risk of injury when learning to walk (and help our teachers’ knees!) and no sharp edges or corners anywhere in the room.
  • Age Appropriate for Infants not Toddlers: All materials were specifically designed for a Montessori infant environment.
  • Foster Independence: Infants sleep on our low beds which allow the children to go to sleep and get up by themselves and don’t constrict their ability to move and explore their environment.  The changing table is at infant height (on the floor) which allows the children to enter and exit the changing table by themselves which gives a sense of autonomy when diapering.